Cultural Legends


Cultural Legends

The Cultural Legends series features a collection of portraits of luminaries in politics, culture and the arts.

Stealing the magical essence of the personality through the life casting process, then boldly, proudly, displaying the man/woman behind the mask. The surrounding details being the result of in-depth conversations, or on a few occasions a complete flight of fantasy, based on Jilly’s understanding, and respect, for the artist.

  1. Ken Livingstone
  2. Bernie Grant
  3. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
  4. Benjamin Zephaniah
  5. Jools Holland
  6. Bert Jansch
  7. Craig Charles
  8. Danny John-Jules (‘Cat’ in Red Dwarf)
  9. Ralph Mctell

To have your own portrait created, please visit the Portraits page.