Cultural Legends


Cultural Legends

The Cultural Legends series is a sculpture collection featuring famous portraits of luminaries in politics, culture and the arts, including Benjamin Zephaniah, Jools Holland and Bert Jansch.

Each famous portrait required the individual to sit for Jilly in person, who describes the process of creating their portrait: “Essentially, I am stealing the magical essence of the personality through the life casting process, then boldly, proudly, displaying the man/woman behind the mask. The surrounding details are the result of in-depth conversations, or on a few occasions a complete flight of fantasy, based on my understanding, and respect, for the artist.”

  1. Ralph Mctell
  2. Danny John-Jules (‘Cat’ in Red Dwarf)
  3. Craig Charles
  4. Bert Jansch
  5. Jools Holland
  6. Benjamin Zephaniah
  7. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
  8. Bernie Grant
  9. Ken Livingstone

To have your own portrait created, please visit the Portraits page.