Mosaic Designs


All mosaic designs are handmade in Murano Italian glass. For prices or commissions, contact Jilly.

Photos 1-3: Mother & Child Revisited MMX1V.
Size: 111 x 53 x 9cm.

For centuries we received our information and culture from books. This has now all changed, with books disappearing from libraries, in the home and at work, and computers taking their place.

We are now immersed in the world of the internet, connected by smart phones and e-books. The Internet is an amazing tool for education and general information and we must celebrate its arrival. However, the impact on the printed word should also be “noted” with caution.

Mother & Child Revisited MMX1V depicts a book glistening, pure, and made from over 2,000 iridescent, hand cut, Murano Italian glass mosaic tesserae reflecting that the written word goes back over 2,000 years. The book has a cord, or “umbilical” attaching the kindle or e-reader to the mother book, representing the nourishment flowing from mother to child.

Humans have always been inventive. Only time will prove if this child of our time is a blessing to its mother and family, or will prove to be wayward or destructive.

Mother & Child Revisited MMX1V was recently celebrated in the Cambridge News, which had previously reported on the exhibition of the sculpture at Cambridge Airport. The sculpture will be displayed at Hay Castle in Hay-on-Wye once the castle renovation is complete.

  1. Time. Mosaic design. 40 x 45cm. 
  2. Fish Supper. Mosaic.
  3. Wildlife 2015. Mosaic. 16 x 56 x 40cm.
  4. Travel Studies – in gold. Size: 24 x 22cm. (From the Travel Studies Mosaic Designs collection)
  5. Italian Travel Studies – with parrot. Size: 24 x 22cm. (From the Travel Studies Mosaic Designs collection)
  6. 106 Skulls. Skull in iridescent Murano glass. Size: 18 x 15 x 16cm
  7. Mother & Child Revisited MMX1V  (Photos 7-9: Mother & Child Revisited MMX1V.
    Size: 111 x 53 x 9cm)

For prices or commissions, contact Jilly.